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Kitten Care - Bringing Your New Kitten Home


Now that you've finally found your kitten it's time to prepare for his or her arrival.  Below are several items that should be purchased prior to bringing your home. Plus it doesn’t hurt to do a little cat proofing so that your kitten's homecoming goes smoothly and is as stress free as possible.


Schedule an Appointment with Your Veterinarian 

Your kitten will need to be examined by your veterinarian within 72 hours of leaving our care (as stated on the sales contract) or the health guarantee will be void.  A HEALTH INFORMATION FORM will be provided for your kitten detailing the vaccinations given and de-wormer medications administered.  Please make sure to give this sheet to your veterinarian so he or she can continue to provide your kitten with the quality healthcare he or she is accustomed to.  You might ask the importance of seeing the vet within 72 hours - because after 72 hours a kitten can start showing symptoms of infections they've caught after leaving our care. 


Kittens are generally ready to go to their forever home around 11 - 12 weeks of age.  They will have received 2-3 sets of distemper vaccinations, 2 vet visits, and least three rounds of worming medications.  We strive to make sure we are providing the very best care so all our kittens have a healthy start!



Purchase Kitten Food  

Your kitten has been eating LIFE’S ABUNDANCE ALL STAGES DRY AND WET CAT FOOD.  I’ve read a lot of research on what kittens/cats need in their diets to maintain exceptional health and avoid Feline Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD).  A feline diet that is too high in carbohydrates/magnesium and too low in protein can lead to FLUTD.  The challenge was to find a food that was appealing to all of our cats, that contains the proper amount of protein and magnesium yet has NO by products.  I have a complete page dedicated to why we feel LIFE’S ABUNDANCE is the best choice for our cats under the FAQ’s page!  You can also compare it to other foods and will find that nothing comes close! 


Yes, Life’s Abundance is a bit more expensive but you wouldn’t feed your human kids inferior food!  When choosing food for your animals remember you get what you pay for!!  It is very comparable price wise to other premium foods on the market.  And costs less in many cases if you compare how much you feed on a daily basis.  Taking care of your animal’s health proactively will help alleviate many health problems and costly vet bills down the road.


If for some reason, you choose NOT to feed Life’s Abundance, please choose a premium quality food that will fit the needs or your Maine Coon. We can give you some other suggestions on foods that we would use if Life’s Abundance was not available.  You will be sent home with a small trial bag of Life’s Abundance and you should plan to switch over gradually or you could upset the kitten/cats digestive track which will result in diarrhea.   Trust me, this is not fun and will require an emergency bath due to all that fur on their bum!





Purchase Stainless Steel Bowls & or Water Fountain

Your kitten has been eating and drinking out of stainless steel bowls.  Why stainless steel?   Stainless steel does not absorb smells, does not stain and is easy to clean/disinfect!  Plus your kitten will be less likely to chew on stainless steel bowls than plastic and they will not break like ceramic or glass.  Our older cats enjoy their stainless steel water fountain.  Please remember that Maine Coons love water and a fountain will provide countless hours of enjoyment for your kitten/cat PLUS encourage them to drink more! 


Purchase a Litter Box/Litter

Your kitten has been using an open pan litter box with Precious Cat Ultra Litter from Dr. Elsey’s.  It is 99.9% dust free,  hypo-Allergenic- no plant proteins, all natural, hard clumping, good for multi-cat households, offers superior odor control, and ideal for sifting/mechanical litter boxes.


We prefer open pan litter boxes because we scoop multiple times a day so it makes access easier.  There are so many options out there for litter boxes; open, covered, automatic etc.  Keep in mind your kitten may be small now, but a Maine Coon is one of the largest breeds of cats as an adult!  S Hooded litter boxes are for owners, not cats. Should you choose a covered litter box remember to scoop it regularly and know that it can trap humidity make it an undesirable place for your kitty to deposit their gifts!  Or it may feel too small- which could lead to him or her pottying somewhere else.  If you keep your cats litter box clean on a daily basis you won’t have to worry about the smell.  Initially I always recommend starting with litter that a cat/kitten is used to help alleviate stress.  If you prefer to change litters, do it after your kitten/cat has settled in and over a period of time. Again, if your cat or kitten is not happy with the litter box for any reason he or she might be inclined to potty elsewhere.  NOTE:  kittens/cats prefer litter boxes and digging so if they potty else where they're trying to tell you something!!  Choosing a litter boxes and litter is a personal choice; just make sure your kitten agrees with your choice.


Placement of Litter Box - They should be in quiet, out-of-the-way places with convenient access for your cats, but no access for the family dog (some dogs will stay around a litter box and make the cat nervous).  Keep the boxes away from bright lights, loud noises, and vibrations from washing machines or furnaces.  Set up one more box than you have cats in your household to cut down on traffic and mess. If your house has several floors, have a box on each level for your cat’s convenience. A good rule of thumb if you have multiple cats is to have 1 box for each cat PLUS 1 more!   Finally, do not put a litter box near the cat’s food dishes – this is no more appealing for a kitty than it would be for you!


You will find a rebate form for a FREE bag of Precious Cat litter in your Kitten Care Bag!



Grooming Supplies            

Your kitten will need just a few grooming tools like a metal comb (also called a greyhound comb), a brush, a de-matting rake (my favorite is the “FURminator” see link below), cat nail clippers, and styptic powder which can be found online or at any pet store (in case you accidentally cut the quick to help stop bleeding).  Remember DE CLAWING IS NOT an option per our contract, so please purchase the nail clippers and keep your kittens nails clipped.   If you start playing with their feet and clipping early in kitten hood it will be a routine that you will not have to fight about!   I recommend doing it every 2 weeks.  It seems that is about the time I start feeling the razor sharp tips when handling mine!  



Cat Trees, Scratching Post, Puzzles and Toys 

Maximize your kitten’s health through play!   Cat trees, cat towers, and tall scratching post will allow your kitten to get the stretching they need and give them a place to scratch their claws! If they don’t have place to scratch their claws they will find one (your favorite chair or couch) and this is a bad habit that can easily being prevented by providing the right tool! Giving them a SAFE place also helps so they can feel secure during their rest time.  Puzzle and toys can be used to dispense food slowly throughout the day, requiring your kitten/cat to solve the puzzle to get rewarded with a food treat.  Interacting daily with your kitten will help your kitten not only maintain a healthy body but a healthy mind too.  Stress can develop when a kitten's environment is not comfortable or happy in their environment!   Cat trees, scratching posts, puzzles, and a variety of toys help minimize some of the boredom when you are not around and reduce stress!   Plus it can be a great point of entertainment for humans when you are present to catch these big goof balls at play!



Kitten /Cat Proofing Your Home   

Your home is about to become a wonderland for your kitten.  Please take the time to tidy up and remove any unnecessary power cords and unplug exposed cords of electronics that aren't in use so that your kitten won't be tempted to chew on them.  Keep laptops, cell phones, ear plugs, eye glasses, belts, handbags, shoes, etc. picked up too because so many items that most homeowners leave out on a regular basis that can and will become items of interest to your kitten.  If you find that your kitten is attracted to cords, I recommend Bitter Apple Spray for Cats. 


Take the time to make sure any toxic products and plants are removed from your home. 


PRODUCTS - The following items need to be removed or at least put in a place (locked away) that your cat can not access:  acetaminophen, batteries, chocolate, raisons, grapes, currants, onions, leeks, chives, garlic, macadamia nuts, xylitol (sugar free sweetener found in chewing gum, breath mints, & toothpaste), unbaked bread dough, yeast, detergents, household cleaners, bleach, Lysol, windshield wiper fluid, antifreeze, insecticides, herbicides, rat/mouse poison, fertilizers, kerosene, and de-icing salts. 


PLANTS - aloe, azaleas, chrysanthemums, marijuana, mistletoe, poinsettia, rhododendron, tulips, jimson weed (devil's trumpet), lilies, sago palms, tobacco, mothballs, & zinc (metal & coins).  T


HOUSEHOLD ITEMS - These household items can possibly choke or strangle your kitten:  chicken bones, dental floss, yarn, string, holiday decorations (including lights & tinsel), and toys with small movable parts.


"A cat has absolute emotional honesty:

human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not."


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