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If you are wondering why a pedigreed Maine Coon kitten costs as much as they do, then this explanation is for you! 


First off, a reputable breeder spends a huge amount of time and money to produce kittens that are of excellent health and type according to the breed standard.  To think that breeders are making a ton of money is just not true. Below are some of the cost categories involved along the way to ensure that a cattery is able to produce top quality Maine Coon kittens/cats. 


  • Breeding Stock Investment

  • Veterinary Costs

  • Genetic Testing

  • Membership in Cat Organizations (ACFA,CFA,& TICA)

  • Cat Show Fees

  • Registration for Litters

  • Pedigrees

  • Equipment (Housing for stud, queen pens, newborn equipment, litter boxes, cat trees, scratching posts, play pen for young kittens, & toys for enrichment)

  • Advertising (Website set-up/maintenance, business cards, ads placed in various media)

  • Premium Cat Food

  • Cat Litter



By purchasing a kitten from a reputable cattery you are helping the breeder offset some of these expenses to keep the MAINE COON breed thriving!  Hopefully this helps you understand that breeders are not getting rich!  They are involved because they love the breed and want to share how wonderful Maine Coons are with others!




Why do Pedigreed Maine Coon Kittens/Cats Cost As Much As They Do?



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